Kultura Življenja

Individual recovery program

  • Negative patterns and disorders on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual – are brought up, released, and transformed to positive patterns and choices through communication and analysis of their causes.
  • As a therapist who has worked with various energetic healing system (listed below), I underwent spontaneous transformations that resulted in newer and deeper understandings of energy and therapeutic approaches.
  • In this period of accelerated spiritual metamorphosis, higher frequency energies become available to everyone who is ready to awaken to their existence and accept them as a part of our new reality.
  • My current treatments mostly focus on using purple energy, which is specific for the Tesla metamorphosis system. That system is named after Nikola Tesla, who used the same energy frequency on a daily basis and referred to it as one of the highest and most medicinal frequency in nature, as well as one of the most efficient frequencies for healing, metamorphosis, and evolution of our consciousness.


Energetic healing treatments:

  • Tesla healing
  • Tesla – light body metamorphosis
  • Tesla – remote healing
  • Reconnection – healing/personal reconnection/quantum touch