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Saša - About

Saša Benić

Galovići 10, Zagreb
Mob: 091/512-8841
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Over many years of therapeutic practice, which I started with massage therapy, I have learned medical massage, reflexology, acupressure, osteopathy, and Thai yoga massage.

For my professional education and training, I traveled to Asia and visited destinations from which massage therapy originates, including Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, India, China, and Bali. I developed my knowledge and skills at their local centers that teach massage techniques, manual and energy treatments, natural and herbal medicine, healthy eating – nutrition, and intensive sessions of yoga, martial arts, and oriental philosophy.

In the latest part of my education, I focused on learning a newer Russian/Ukranian method of quantum medicine healing, i.e. healing with frequencies, vibrations, and information, which is currently considered the most effective method for treating severe autoimmune diseases.

Based on the experience I have gained over the years, I spontaneously created my own original holistic approach that combines ancient and tested knowledge and ethical principles from traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Japanese, and Southern/Northern shamanic practices with the modern and technologically more advanced quantum, i.e. information frequency, medicine that is also non-invasive.

I support the soft approach to the body and mind, which aims to achieve gradual and minimal, but consistent positive changes in those aspects of life that a person is ready and willing to improve.